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Coming Home mix from DJ Sequence

In anticipation of his return to Phnom Penh next week after a summer in Europe, Phnom Penh Underground mainman, DJ Sequence, drops another explosive trip thru the universe of Drum & Bass – Past, Present and Future. Dropping 50 tracks in just 90 minutes, the MasterBlaster himself covers the full[…]


Awesome UK HipHop mix from DJ Bree

“Lets go back…way back…” A serious piece of history for your listening pleasure today! The Scratch King of Phnom Penh, DJ Bree has kindly shared one of his first ever mixtapes recorded way back in the mists of time – on 4-track no less. You’ll find raw UK HipHop on[…]


Alan Ritchie – Soul Sonic Groove Part 1 mix!

The man they call “Sir” Alan Ritchie drops an absolute bomb of a mix! Imagine that you’ve been magically transported back into a NYC Block Party back in the early 80s. The DJ is supplying a wicked blend of Golden Age HipHop and the classiest in conscious soul and funk…[…]


DnB mix from DJ Sequence

Its that time of month again(!) for Phnom Penh Underground founder DJ Sequence to come correct with another of his epic mixes for UB Radio. Spinning 50 tracks in 90 minutes, Sequence takes you on a wild ride thru the full 360 degrees of DnB, with funk driven rollers from[…]


Electro strikes again! Brand new mix from LorenZoo

One half of the celebrated Cambo Disco Club, LorenZoo, switches gears to take us on an Electro influenced journey into the further ranges of Techno and beyond Conjuring up interplanetary landscapes and distant vistas, the Talented Mr Zoo takes us on a journey that would be perfect for early-morning dancing[…]