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DJ Shagzy drops a beautiful Liquid DnB set!

DnB/Jungle is on the ascent in Phnom Penh with more and more nights dedicated to the sound of the future. Amongst the newcomers exploring the sound, Shagzy stands out as a true veteran of the scene with roots going back into the Golden Age of 90s Jungle. And it’s no[…]

Drum&Bass Past, Present and Future from DJ Sequence

He’s away in Europe for a month, but our beloved leader (he beats us if we don’t say that)has dropped an amazing mix for y’all with 53 of the best tunes from the world of DnB/Jungle past present and future Featuring tracks from the likes of Spectrasoul, Funkware, BladeRunner, Serum,[…]

Top 10 mixes of 2017 so far!

We havent done a top 10 for a while, so we thought we’d do one at the halfway point of 2017 Its not really to show popularity, but just to highlight the awesome breadth¬†of talent of DJs in the Cambodia Underground scene The placings are based on our 6.5k plays[…]

Nora Haidee takes you on a trip to the DarkSide

One of the best underground DJs in Phnom Penh, the wonderful Miss Nora Haidee has graced us with this epic mix! Pulsating Motor City rythms and hypnotic, uplifting loops will take you on a true journey to the DarkSide….and all the way out to the light beyond… Mix courtesy of[…]

Beautiful mix from DJ Saint Vincent

One of Phnom Penh’s most modest and unassuming DJs (and also one of the best), DJ Saint Vincent has graced with this frankly excellent mix, recorded live at DIB Club, Phnom Penh on the 11th of February 2017when he was warming up for Leeroy Thornhill (ex The Prodigy) Over to[…]