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New Mix and Profile from MoFo Beatz!

Loads of new DJs coming into Cambodia – which can only be a good thing…
So step up Mo’Fo Beatz with a brand new mix and profile just for lucky old us!

DJ Shagzy drops a beautiful Liquid DnB set!

DnB/Jungle is on the ascent in Phnom Penh with more and more nights dedicated to the sound of the future. Amongst the newcomers exploring the sound, Shagzy stands out as a true veteran of the scene with roots going back into the Golden Age of 90s Jungle. And it’s no[…]

Drum&Bass Past, Present and Future from DJ Sequence

He’s away in Europe for a month, but our beloved leader (he beats us if we don’t say that)has dropped an amazing mix for y’all with 53 of the best tunes from the world of DnB/Jungle past present and future Featuring tracks from the likes of Spectrasoul, Funkware, BladeRunner, Serum,[…]

Top 10 mixes of 2017 so far!

We havent done a top 10 for a while, so we thought we’d do one at the halfway point of 2017 Its not really to show popularity, but just to highlight the awesome breadth¬†of talent of DJs in the Cambodia Underground scene The placings are based on our 6.5k plays[…]