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DJ ChrisQuixote aka Christian Fink is a German DJ specializing in Techtrance and Psychedelic Trance. He is based in Phnom Penh where he plays at various Psychedelic Trance Events at Meta-House, including A Psychedelic Trance Experience and MetaMorphosis as well as guesting at Tech-Penh.

Additionally he is drummer at Phnom Penh’s Post-Dubstep-Electro Band Amplifire, playing together with Ben Schkouty (Guitar), Tonle Dub (Ableton) and Professor Kinski (Kaossilator & FX).

ChrisQuixote came across electronic music in the early 90’s, when he stepped by coincidence into a Techno party being conducted at his favorite Heavy Metal Disco. Being overwhelmed by the harmonic orchestration between sound and visuals and the never-ending stomping beat he ventured into a new personal era of musical dedication.

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current top 3

1. Tectum – Floating Planet

2. Peet – Father & Son (Microtrauma Remix)

3. Pop Art – Follow Me