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In the words of the man himself….

“Driven by a strong passion for Music and a fascination for the art of DJ’ing , I started to spin to an audience in 1995 with various gigs in London and in Southern Spain’s clubs. In 2002, I made a very long distance move to Thailand followed by lots of gigs in clubs, bars, hotels, after-hour spots and a 10- year long residency at the renowned “Bedsupperclub” nightclub in Bangkok.  I learnt my trade and grew as a DJ.

Described by some as being “a key player in shaping up the Bangkok underground scene”, I moved to Phnom Penh in Cambodia in 2014 with the same desire to share my love for Music and DJ’ing. Playing regular weekend gigs, I also work as a DJ coach as part of the new NGO “Cambodia DJ Academy”. This is the first school of its kind in this fast developing city, a charming place where French baguettes are worth the money.

My DJ’ing style goes way beyond clichés: a unique touch characterized as much by finesse and sophistication as with panache and originality. Put simply, I play House and Techno with a strong vibe, lots of groove and feeling.

My appreciation for music and DJ’ing goes far beyond music just for dancing and I always enjoy the possibility to display my versatile tastes of music in different circumstances for various events at any time of day or night .

Although I am known to enjoy pushing the envelope as far as possible, the pleasure I derive from DJ’ing comes from making the whole experience as interesting and accessible to all.

I particularly enjoy building long sets starting from a blank page. To me each set is an unpredictable musical journey and I enjoy surprising people in a subtle way.

My delicate approach to building a set combined with the ability to adapt to a variety of events make me the ideal warm-up candidate for top quality acts.  Always fitting the flavor of the given night while leaving the main act a lot of room for maneuver, I have opened for many international artists who tour in Asia.

I also get a lot of pleasure from music production, with a couple of releases under my belt and without doubt many more to come.

To be continued…”


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1. JCB — Uppsala (Hugo Boogievoodoo Remix)

2. Eelke Kleijn – Onderhuids (Original Club Mix)

3.Nikitch – Paused

DJ Saint Vincent