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Humble leader of the Texas party crew Denton Dance Collective and former resident of the weekly event Subsonic Indulgence, DJ SpaceChase has recently relocated to Phnom Penh to spread his sound and raise general “booty-bass” awareness.

Spinning a signature West Coast-infused mixture of house, tech-house, ghetto-tech, soul, and hip-hop, when DJ SpaceChase takes to the decks, you can expect the unexpected.

The supreme commander of the illustrious and popular Denton Dance Collective, Chase has been blowing up the Denton dance scene ever since he arrived. As the resident DJ at Subsonic Indulgence, he’s been pulling in big crowds and big names with his special ability to bring people together for an always-awesome time.” –Max Carritt, USA


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current top 3

1. Worthy – Shy Look – Straight up West Coast booty bass

2. 11:11 – Tourist Trap (Jamie Jones ‘Miss X’ Remix) – Euphoric late-night ghetto stomper

3. Booty Luv – Boogie 2nite (Semus Haji Mix) – Timeless party vibes

DJ SpaceChase