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Born in France. Jakintosh could be considered as a music dreamer, a lover of this Art in all its forms.

He started diving into music back with his family’s influence; growing among Rock’n’roll parents, a Psytrance sister and a Tekno brother is the perfect environment when it comes to appreciate Music.

Jakintosh shares his tastes between a large variety of electronic musics, such as Funk, House, Bass Music…

But his mind is really focused on Techno at the moment. His sets are usually an evolution from Smooth Techno to Acid and Hard Techno.

But it could also be about a Drum’n’bass and Riddim mix, who knows? In addition to these, Jakintosh also produces music, as it is difficult for him to stick to one genre, his production are mostly mixed styles. Why not hear by yourself?

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DJ Sequence

latest mixes

current top 3

1. Aleksandir – Yamaha – One of the most wonderful pieces of music I’ve ever heard, everything seems to be perfect in this masterpiece.

2. Gydra – Ikra – That track make pulse my Drum’n’bass heart lover really hard.

3. DJ Reyna – Exchanged – This old masterpiece needs to come back on the front of the acid techno scene!