Evolution Cambodia Day 2

Phnom Penh Underground

Evolution Cambodia Day 2

  • Date: 07 - Jan - 2016
  • Time: 18:00
  • Style:PsyTrance
  • Venue: QueenCo Resort, Sihanoukville
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☆holding with Queenco Palm Beach Resort(Rathanak Sambath)☆

We will be holding a music festival for tourists who are going to come to Sihanukville.
The music festival will hold an evening party with musical band, outdoor dance show and some artistic shops in the area to give the festival an unsual, exciting, and entertaining atmosphere in Sihanukville.
We are aiming for the establishment of exchange of information among the guest and for them to have a good connection with each other. we are hoping that many people will participate in the event.

Recently Sihanoukville resort in Cambodia is catching attention from the Japanese public.Sihanoukville was also choosen by the World Saibi Bay Club, it is one of the Cambodia’s untouched beach resort.

There is a wide beach and it is very abundant where in you can enjoy snorkeling, diving, fishing and also do some water sports such as parasailing, surfing, kayaking and wakeboarding.Other than Sihanoukville beach you can also do some island hopping because there many small islands nearby.

Close to it you can visit the Reamu National Park, where in you can see and enjoy Cambodian wilderness and participate in its eco-tour.

Also, you can visit the Queenco Palm Beach Resort which is away from the centrer city and is an auto-less beach, it has not been much developed but it is famous because of its white parasols and attractive designs. A visitor can enjoy staying there because of it wide blue sky and a beautiful sunset.

There are enough marine activity!!


・Mixmaster Morris [ the irresistible force / UK ] ・Tadayan [ Digital Shiva Power / JP ] ・DJ BIN [ Stargate Recordings / 99FLAGS / JP ] ・TANNY [ EVOLUTION / Equalize Music ex SamuraiTribe / JP ] ・Fumi [ Sunflowers Of Today Records / Wildthings Records / amitAyus / 皆殺し / JP ] ・Dr.Psylab a.k.a HAJIME [ PsyLab, Discovalley Rec / JP ] ・sinX [ 6D SOUNDZ / Out of Base / 転輪/ JP ] ・Taiyo [ 今夜も最高 / SAMURAI TRIBE / 有頂天! / JP ] ・ASTESH [ Powerholic / JP / IND ] ・VMIX [ Twinetrax / JP / RS ] ・IRIS [ irishairspace.relationgroove / JP ] ・GA-SU [ Chacra Sound/ Wing Makers / JP ]

and more

・Haltya [ Planetaria / FIN ] ・White Wizard [ Digital Shiva Power / IND ] ・Slum [ Sunflowers Of Today / Fullmoon Rec / JP ] ・TEN-G [ Non Stop Evolution / Madskippers / AdamaRecords / JP ] ・Sancho Meiso Chaya / 山頂瞑想茶屋 [ JP ] ・jivatman [ heavenly_music / J P ]

and more

VJ hiColor [ D.D.D / JP ]

a roots & hitek inc. / JP

If you want to stay bungalow,please search yourself.

◆ACCESS / アクセス
◇ from Phnom Penh port ◇
☆ If you are going to Sihanoukville by bus

① from Phnom Penh airport by taxi or tuk-tuk go to the Central Market in Phnom Penh city.

② Central Market bus or in the vicinity of the bus terminal, take the Bayon Express Office van, take the bus to Sihanoukville. Required time depends on the traffic situation as is about 3-5 hours.
The following are bus company’s operating to Sihanoukville.

・Giant Ibis
・Mekong Express
・Soriya Transport
・Golden Bayon Express

③ from Sihanoukville arrival, head to the Auto-less beach via tuk-tuk or taxi.

★! Caution!
There are Auto-less Beach there 1 and 2, make sure to go to 1!

☆ If you are going to Sihanoukville directly from the airport
There is no direct bus from Phnom Penh airport to Sihanoukville, but you can get a taxi (approx. $ 60- 80) to Auto-less beach 1.
※ for tuk-tuk far, it is too far, not likely to find a driver

There is also Sihanoukville airport nearby, however travel to this airport can be very expensive.
It is recommended overall cost is better from the Phnom Penh airport!


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Location : QueenCo Resort, Otres Beach, Sihanoukville

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