Cambo Disco Club – Notre Maison

Phnom Penh Underground


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Cambo Disco Club – Notre Maison

  • Release date: 2015-07-05

Its 3am in the morning….you need to keep the vibe going on the dancefloor but you also need to lift the crowds spirits and give them some dirty, funky filtered house…who you gonna call? There’s only one answer – those French Funsters, the Cambo Disco Club!

Like another famous Gallic duo before them, the CDC has burst onto the scene with a blend of infectious party music as well as a deeper backbone to their sound and a captivating presence behind the decks.

In their debut mix for PPUG, Lorenz and Pierre show us just why they have become one of the hottest things on the Phnom Penh scene…

Cambo Disco Club – Notre Maison


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