Kaza -Tripping on the Big Wave

Phnom Penh Underground

Kaza -Tripping on the Big Wave

  • Release date: 2020-03-26

While there are no events in Phnom Penh in the world, we still have our beautiful music to help us get by…

With that in mind, we’ll be releasing more and more from the PPUG archives – today we’ve got a smasher of a mix from one of the best native Cambodian DJs around – the irrepressible Kaza….over to you Kaza!

“When I make this set, I imagine myself on a boat dancing to dark deep techno sexy music with the fan on my hand winging non-stop, floating and tripping with the magic super magic I got before the trip start. And then I ask myself what music would it be done, so here I am the captain. haha crazy mental bitch as I always am.”


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