Kenny Chase – Live at CUBIK▸▸ 05/02/21

Phnom Penh Underground


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Kenny Chase – Live at CUBIK▸▸ 05/02/21

  • Release date: 2021-02-27

It looks as though the parties are on hold yet again in Cambodia, so let’s rewind back to last month, where the simply awesome Kenny Chase smashed it yet again with a humdinger of a set that started off max energy from the get-go and kept the CUBIK▸▸ crowd bouncing like lunatics!

Big, bassy sounds are the order of the day here – with a nod towards the UKG and UKBass styles – but mixed together in a way that only this Cambodian maestro can do!

Phnom Penh Underground · Kenny Chase – Live at CUBIK▸▸ 05/02/21


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