Sunshine Jones – Southeast Asia 2015 Thank You

Phnom Penh Underground

Sunshine Jones – Southeast Asia 2015 Thank You

  • Release date: 2015-06-07

In April 2015, Cambodia was very privileged to have the uniquely talented Sunshine Jones (DubTribe) grace us with his presence for a series of dates around Cambodia – including a marathon set at Dr WahWah’s truly unforgettable 50th Birthday in a private villa in Kep.

In memory of his visit, Mr Jones has made a totally amazing mix/travelogue/stream of consciousness/i dont know what you call it…

Listen and be taken on a unique journey thru Sunshine’s impressions of Cambodia

He’s also written a fascinating essay on his trip, which we implore you to read at

1. my first ride in a tuk tuk
2. Jakarta call to prayer
3. Don’t Stop The Dance – Todd Terje Remix – Roxy Music
4. Do It Now – Dubtribe *
5. Get Lost – Kollektiv SGP
6. True – Extended Mix – Drums of Death
7. The Sun – Sunshine Jones
8. Age Of The Jaguar – Toomy Disco
9. Only Love Can Make It Right – Chrissy Edits
10. Strandbar – Disko Version – Todd Terje
11. Move Like Us – Mister T.
12. Matters – &ME
13. Ragysh – Todd Terje
14. White Horse – Laid Back
15. Thelma – Nhar
16. Sicko – Rex The Dog (Equipment Demo)
17. Honey Bunny – Sunshine Jones Remix – Mastered – Jesus Gonsev
18. I Just Wanna Fly – Sunshine Jones *
19. I Wanna Kiss You All Over – Sunshine Jones Re Edit – Exile
20. I’ll Be Around (OHYEAH Remix) – The Spinners
21. Bali Rain
22. Tuk tuk Ride to the Phnom Penh airport
* Performed Live



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