Ben Goldman

Phnom Penh Underground

Ben Goldman

  • Date: 05 - Mar - 2016
  • Time: 23:00
  • Style:House/Techno
  • Venue: Pontoon Pulse
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More than a decade ago Ben Goldman began his musical voyage as DJ Benz. Born and raised in Chicago, the birthplace of House, Benz introduction to dance music came through his early experiences with new wave bands like Erasure and Depeche Mode. Then in the early 90’s Benz attended his first rave in Chicago where his love affair with House music truly began.

Goldman’s combination of impeccably clean mixes and seamlessly blended classic tracks and hot, new releases would soon help him build a reputation as a true DJ. His dedication would encourage him to reach a multitude of audiences, spreading the House music funk and love everywhere he goes.

He has since DJd at every reputable club in Chicago and is currently trailblazing across Thailand and S.E. Asia. Goldman credits Chicago House legends Derrick Carter, DJ Sneak, Paul Johnson, and the French pioneers Daft Punk, as very important influences who helped shape his sound and style.

In 1997, Goldman found a new audience in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He would go on to produce several events there, attracting an average of 1,000 people. Goldman returned to Chicago and began producing similar events, including the now well-known “Wonka” and Summer of Love parties. He was no longer just a DJ, but he was also becoming a credible event producer.

In 2000, Goldman put his passion and dedication into a hot Chicago imprint, Olive Records, which produced albums for Synthique, Max & Brian, Chezere, High Caliber, Sound Navigators and Granite and Phunk.

Olive Juice, is a continuous mix of 17 Olive Records tracks. It was compiled, edited, and arranged by Benz and High Caliber made the top 10 selling electronic albums on iTunes. Olive Records has sold over 20,000 vinyl records, been licensed over 20 times to companies such as Playboy, Ministry of Sound, AOL, iTunes/iPod, and Hypnotiq. Olive Records has also sold over 5000 ring tones in Japan alone.

His love for all music was most evident at his Berlin Nightclub (Chicago) residency where he somehow managed to blend together House, Electro, Industrial, 80’s, Hip Hop, Pop, and Alternative, to a very loyal fan base. Along with making a sizable impact on the dance music community as a DJ, Benz has influenced the scene in Chicago and across the United States as a promoter and record label owner.

He’s performed alongside: Judge Jules, Derrick Carter, David Piccioni, DJ Sneak, Frankie Bones, DJ Nakadia, Rabbit in the Moon, Paul Johnson, Mistress Barbara, ESP Woody McBride,
Hyperactive, DJ Funk, Colette, DJ Disciple, Hatiras, Dubtribe Sound System, Angel Alanis,
and DJ Swamp to name a few.


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Location : the room #10 str. 246

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