Phnom Penh Underground


  • Date: 31 - Oct - 2014
  • Time: 21:00
  • Style:House
  • Venue: Demo
  •  more details


Forgotten, on one of Phnom Penh’s most prestigious boulevards, at the heart of the former French colonial district, lies a place of mystery… This historical Mansion opposite the Phnom Penh Hotel, hidden between a large Honda dealer and a Caltex fuel station, is now the new home of DEMO, Phnom Penh first “Drinking Games Bar”.

One night a year, on the last Friday of October, strange things happen in the witching hours: The long forgotten Mansion comes to life… Ghosts, goblins, werewolves, zombies and other creatures of the night take over #40 Monivong Boulevard. They feast, party, dance, drink and celebrate.
But this year’s party is unlike any other they had ever planned. They receive the visit of a very special guest: Their BOSS… Demons C.E.O, the Fallen Angel himself… THE DEVIL! He comes to Cambodia to present his most popular Chilean wine: This wine is kept in a haunted cellar where, according to the legend, the Devil himself hides away. The tale is so infamous that the wine that ages inside this dark and deep cavern is named the ‘Casillero del Diablo’: the Devil’s Cellar.

To celebrate this venue in style they have organized 3 floors, and allowed us Humans to join the event! You are all welcome, from 9pm to late, but be warned: If most of these creatures are welcoming and happy to party with Humans, the ones in the top floor of the Mansion have a more “Troubled” and agitated past… viewers discretion advised for this floor…

This one-off event will spread across the entire Mansion. 

Dance Floors: One indoor dance floor, “The Temple”, where Casilliero del Diablo disciples hold dark ceremonies involving music, games and alcohol. And one outdoor dance floor, “The Graveyard”, where creatures of the night party and celebrate the cycle of life and death. There is also this third floor; a darker floor… whose rooms are filled with more disturbing guests, reminiscence of the Mansion’s tragic past.

Indoor Floor: Dj Bluesabelle, Dj Shaman, Dj Rob Bianche, Dj Weng Wai

Outdoor Floor: Dj Donabelle, Dj Simon C Vent, Dr Wah Wah, Dj Low Renz


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Location : Demo, #40, BLVD Preah Monyvong

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