KlapYaHandz/TinyToones Fundraiser

Phnom Penh Underground

KlapYaHandz/TinyToones Fundraiser

  • Date: 04 - Dec - 2015
  • Time: 23:00
  • Style:HipHop
  • Venue: Club Love
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We’re very excited to announce this fundraiser hosted by Club Love, KlapYaHandz, & Tiny Toones this weekend featuring DJ’s, breakdancers, live performances, rappers, + beatboxing from both crews! Join us this Friday, December 4th and enjoy performances from 11pm to 1am by: SreyLeak / Tempo Accord / Noya Beat. Closing the night will be DJ Chee along with breakdancing performances from Tiny Toones.

After visiting the Tiny Toones Youth Center we have realized their tuk tuk (free transportation) that picks up + drops off as many kids as possible to get them to school (free education) is in need of some serious help. In order to extend the tuk tuk to hold more kids and get railings on the sides to keep them from falling out, 10% of all sales from this night will be donated to Tiny Toones to fixing these issues. So, please do not miss this event filled with some of Phnom Penh’s finest talent + all for a good cause!

For more info. on all of the amazing things Tiny Toones are doing for Cambodian kids and young adults please visit their website:


fb iconhttps://www.facebook.com/events/1507224952910615/

Location: Club Love, No 3 St.278 / WAT LANGKA /BKK 1 / PHNOM PENH

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KlapYaHandz/TinyToones Fundraiser




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