Tinc Nation

Phnom Penh Underground

Tinc Nation

  • Date: 13 - Jun - 2015
  • Time: 21:00
  • Style:Craziness!
  • Venue: Nova
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TINCnation is more than just a movement; it is also a revolutionary act of freedom. The idea is simple really, Music. Promising to swipe you off your feet with every fist pump and beat thrown onto the dance floor. TINC will invade your heart and soul from within; there is definitely no other musical experience more electrifying than TINCnation.

Attracting a full house crowd for every show to date, TINCnation has every detail carefully timed and crafted to different locations and audiences. Music is our idea; freedom in music is our mission.

The music concept is to be infusing a variety of musical elements. The art of improvisation and interaction between live musicians and DJ in between sets. Anything can happen, an electric guitarist layering a solo over a popular electronic song or even a violinist harmonizing during the set, nothing is impossible. Expect the unexpected.

There will be no boundaries, no rules, and no restrictions. It can be trap; it can be house, or even trance. The idea is good music, and good music has no guidelines to what it is. This is TINCnation.


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Location: Nova, 19, St 214 PHNOM PENH

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