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Phnom Penh Underground

Urban Beats

  • Date: 18 - Oct - 2014
  • Time: 19:30
  • Style:TechHouse
  • Venue: 1961
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The Angkor empire at its height was home to about a million people, and at its core was a civilization considered to be the biggest and most sophisticated city in the pre-industrial world – a true predecessor of today’s modern mega metropolis…

Join us for an evening to relive the urban beats of the city which the BBC called the “Atlantis in the Jungle” as we celebrate the bridging of Angkor’s complex past to its vibrant present and its exciting future.
Art, Music, Fashion and Cocktails to celebrate our city.

This is our night. Our city. Our home.

DURA MATTER – the new exhibition a word play of the term Dura Mater,  a thick membrane in our brain that  connects to the spinal column, the works explore our thoughts and emotions as results of our interactions based on our  past experiences. These experiences along with our past and our perceptions of the world form our thought processes then creates our reactions and behaviors.

Known for creating pencil portraits that define human feeling, the artist goes deeper and unveils the source of feeling
itself. Mixing science and innervation,psychology and emotion, the subjective and the objective, the x-ray like drawings reveal a perspective of humanity beyond the masks we wear everyday.

MANO GONZALES – our featured artist
Born in 1990, Mano Gonzales is an artist using pencil and graphite as a medium. Gonzales studied Sociology in the University of the Philippines where he has discovered a profound interest in similar fields such as History and Psychology which he incorporates in his works on top of exploring human emotions—the beauty and spirituality in melancholy. He has contributed for different publications including Esquire Magazine, Playboy Magazine and the Philippine Star. He has also participated in collective shows and collaborated with similar artists. Mano lives in Manila, Philippines.

CLAYTON JEDAM – our cocktail master!
In partnership with The Hive, Urban Beats presents four cocktail concoctions designed especially for the evening by our favorite
mixologist – Clayton Jedam!

A pop-up bar will be set up for the event.

DJ Sakura Boom, the city’s top female beatbuster will provide a funky mix of urban sounds for the evening. Born and bred in the United Kingdom, her music is an exciting layer of walks in the park, sips of champagne and bursts of pure passion.

Alternating with her is DJ Eduardo Edwardowski, Russia’s coolest gift to temple town’s nascent music scene!

SENHOA – the launch of the Em Collection Senhoa presents its newest series of Swarovski studded jewelry- the EM Collection which is
also going to be premiered in London at the same week as its Cambodian launch.

Senhoa will open its showroom for the entire evening along with a showcase of their new pieces on the retail pod as well as with models for the evening.

As we celebrate the rebirth of Angkor and of Siem Reap as a city, we will transform the grounds of 1961 into a hip, urban lounge to host the event for the evening. Come in your smartest cosmopolitan wear and let’s drink to the energy and the vibe of our home.

$10 door charge with a free special urban cocktail of your choice.

Discounted price of $7 for early bird bookings.

Come to The Hive Siem Reap or 1961 for your early bird tickets!


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Location : 1961, Upper west River Side, Siem Reap

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