Alias 2.0 Closing Party

Phnom Penh Underground

Alias 2.0 Closing Party

  • Date: 26 - May - 2017
  • Time: 18:00
  • Style:HipHop
  • Venue: MetaHouse
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Join us for the closing party of the Alias.0 exhibition (contemporan street artist in Phnom penh).
We’ll share a good moment and make a big party with dj set and drinks for the end of the exhibition.

I’m waiting for you my friend!!
See you next friday!!

Valentin W./ Alias2.0

Originally born in France, Alias 2.0 became involved with street art since 2007. He is currently based in Phnom Penh since 2016. He has eagerly committed himself to examining new ways of composing abstract graffiti and calligraphic ways of expression.

His permanent longing for transformation and variation of style is cultivated through extensive travelling as well as the search for environments and sceneries that inspire new artwork. His graphic style is rooted from the various of forms of graffiti and calligraphy existing in the world. His work oscillates between tradition and modernity. It draws on the diversity of patterns and colors that he discovered during his travels. His creations exalt the vivacity of colors and abstract improvisations.

Alias 2.0 wants to develop an “intercultural solidarity,” he wants to show through the mixing of different graphic styles a universal language is possible. In parallel, he develops the photography “light­-painting”, adding a poetic touch, bright and unique with its paint job. It communicates his vision of the world by creating images defying reality and we projecting to new dimensions.

Links of Alias2.0:

From 8PM, we’ll throw and After-Show-DJ PARTY with the artist Alias 2.0 also Dj watt’s up and friends on the decks.


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Location : MetaHouse, 37 Sothearos Boulevard

Alias 2.0 Closing Party




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