Bro Tam

Phnom Penh Underground

Bro Tam

  • Date: 29 - Apr - 2016
  • Time: 20:00
  • Style:Old/New School
  • Venue: Lazy Gecko
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Bo Tam – this Friday night

Friday Nights at The lazy Gecko w/ Bo Tam

Bo Tam is a DJ from Windsor Ontario Canada.

2003 – Started playing drums/guitar in a rock band in with three friends and toured around the city. This was the start of finding his talent and love in music.

2005 – Started producing and recording for local hip hop artists using programs such as Reason 3, Fruity Loops, Sony Acid, Cool edit pro etc. This was the start of gaining studio experience.

2007 – Started DJing, a year later headlined at premiere clubs around the city (Windsor, Detroit). Gained knowledge in different genres such as Rock, Reggae, Retro, Hip Hop, Old School, 80’s and much more as well as learning how to read a crowd.

2016 – Moved to Phnom Penh Cambodia to exlore a new Journey in life. Now starting to DJ in Clubs and venues and gaining network. Currently holding a residency at “VITO” nightclub on Friday & Saturday Night!

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Location: Lazy Gecko, #1D, St258, Phnom Penh

Bro Tam




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