Deadly Fantasy

Phnom Penh Underground

Deadly Fantasy

  • Date: 29 - Oct - 2016
  • Time: 20:00
  • Style:HipHop Horror
  • Venue: Cloud
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Cloud invites you to a REALLY creepy Halloween night… If you dare…

Here is our Hell of a program :

* Join our Halloween Open Mic and share with us your most scary stories… But are they invented or real?…

* Meet Sin Alma and her Good Girls for a burlesque show from beyond the grave

* For his come back in Phnom Penh, DJ Watt’s Up, will make your bones dance until the vampires go to sleep

* If you want to sleep, you should better not look at the classic horror Khmer movie playing all the night

* Our druid prepares for you the bloodiest Vampire’s punch ever for only $2 per glass.

* One free shot for every witch, ghost, zombie, mad scientist, ect. and of course free treat for everyone!

You want something new for Halloween? So here we are… Muahahahaha!!!

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Location : Cloud, #35 street 9, Tonle Bassac,  Phnom Penh

Deadly Fantasy




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