DJ Woody

Phnom Penh Underground

DJ Woody

  • Date: 23 - Feb - 2019
  • Time: 23:00
  • Style:Turntablism
  • Venue: Pontoon Pulse
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DJ Woody is back with his Live 45s Vinyl set !!

One of Mixmaster Mike’s (Beastie Boys) favourite DJs, described as ‘The best DJ in the World’ by Hudson Mohawke, labelled a genius by DJ Qbert and referenced continually by the current crop of World Champion DJs as a major influence.

It’s safe to say that Woody may well be your favourite DJ’s favourite DJ.

Known for his innovations, he helped design the Worlds first ever musical turntable instrument, the Vestax Controller One and is famed internationally as one of the most prolific pioneers of new scratch technique.

In 2010 Woody extended his repertoire in the form of his ground breaking audio-visual DJ show, ‘Turntables In Technicolor’. Designing and animating all the material himself, Woody immediately made his mark on the AV and DJ scene following jaw dropping showcase performances at the 2010 World DMC Finals and the US DMC Finals in New York. These performances led to DMC’s decision to run the first ever Video DJ Championships. His current history of hip hop AV set is described by Jurassic 5’s Cut Chemist as “The best video DJ set i’ve ever seen!”. Creating his own niche he followed this show up with his ‘Big Phat 90’s’ and ‘Hip Hop is 40’ live audio-visual DJ shows, with his current show described by Jurassic 5’s Cut Chemist as “The best video DJ set i’ve ever seen!”.

The Point Of Contact LP Stream

Live DJ Woody mix

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Location : Pontoon Pulse, 80# STREET 172.

DJ Woody




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