Don Camilo

Phnom Penh Underground

Don Camilo

  • Date: 01 - Apr - 2016
  • Time: 20:00
  • Style:Reggae
  • Venue: Duplex
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Get ready for the international Reggae Singer DON CAMILO, currently in Asia Tour, performing for the 1st & only time in Phnom Penh ,N a ight Host by Wat a Gwaan @ DUPLEX CAMBODIA on friday 1st o April from 8pm !

Born in Chile of a Bolivian mother and a
Honduran father, Don Camilo is defined as a
global citizen to share his origins and his
unusual career. Passionate about music, you
might come across to be on his skateboard at a
street corner, always screwed earphones.
Former pro skateboarder, singer, DJ and avid
collector, he had his first musical influences in
London, but by his own admission his great
musical revelation is first arrived with Jamaican
music. This tireless traveler has worked with
many labels and producers such as Jamafra,
Tom Fire, Manu Digital and Brigante Record the
label of Telly aka Biga*Ranx with whom he
releases his new EP entitled “Soundclash”.
Four titles to tones “Reggae Digital” typical of
the 80s, or “Don” renews the style of his velvet
voice. It is found on FIP Radio Nova and every Sunday at noon on Radio Marais where he hosts Mass of Don


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Location: Duplex, No 3 St.278 / WAT LANGKA /BKK 1 / PHNOM PENH

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Don Camilo




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