Halloween Horror House

Phnom Penh Underground

Halloween Horror House

  • Date: 28 - Oct - 2017
  • Time: 17:00
  • Venue: Lagina
  •  more details

🕷 This New Freaky Collective Brings you a whole day Halloween madness, catered by & for Halloweeners. 28th of Oct, we will have in our bag of trick and treats a set of activties to keep you freaked for the whole event:

🎃 Haunted Villa:
Mentally disturbed & Psychotic, the decoration team will turn a post-colonial villa into a creepy House experience … Don’t come Alone …

🎃 The Post apocalypse Rooftop:
This Chill zone will take you away from the noisy dance floor and the thrilling crowd. But in our Collective, for Halloween Night we like to add an extra element, a very dark element, the quiet zone is not a place for the tender hearted, it will be the Roof of Oddities and Quirks …

🎃 Bloody Bar:
Our team of Alcholics have been DRINKING HARD in search or the hair-raising, spine-chilling cocktails, not to turn you into a zombie, but to make sure you last a whole full moon chatting and clicking your dance feet. For the minimal criminals we still have our regular Beer and Wine.

🎃 Escape Room:
The Crew are not only Party Frankensteiners. We have amongst us a few Mad Scientists, and these scientist like to do human experiments on humans, they prepared an Escaped Room! So if you dare to sign up, make sure you have the wits and a good team of trustworthy friends, because you will need it all to escape a Ghostly Khmer Room full of puzzles and mysteries. Good luck~!

🎃 Live Music & DJ sets:
Even Micheal Jackon will agree to this. There is no halloween without Thrillers and There is no Thrillers if you dont have Music. We got our hands on a local emerging Blues and Hard Rock band they go by the name “KHMENG SOMRAEK” which translates to “The non-Fashinable Kids”, who will definetly thrill you with thier non-Fashionable deputes, and after rock and roll is dead, we will summon from the misty graveyards some wormy elctronic symphonies played by no other than the filthy duet “THOUNG BASS CAHOOT” (Malo & Sushi) and some of thier unworthy friends. So stay tuned.

So keep this spooky night in mind, its is a night to remember or be remembered.

Let’s come More Surprises …

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Location: Lagina, somewhere in Phnom Penh – we just don’t know!


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