International HipHop Culture

Phnom Penh Underground

International HipHop Culture

  • Date: 08 - Mar - 2014
  • Time: 21:30
  • Style:HipHop
  • Venue: Slur Bar
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1912424_750632418305103_2112520602_oSLUR presents INTERNATIONAL HIPHOP CULTURE Feat DJ BREE, POLAAK & MC KAZTET D @ Slur Bar

As HipHop has become one of the most influent music during the last 30 years, mostly in its commercial form, this night at Slur Bar is dedicated to the international underground HipHop scene !

From South America to Europe ( East & West to the UK ) , Africa, Oceania , India , Japan , Cambodia… Dj Bree (UK) & POLAAK/ Gabor Polaak ( Hungary / Wat a Gwaan ) will take you to the underground sides of HipHop International Culture, with MC Kaztet D ( France / Wat a Gwaan ) on The M.I.C for some Ragga HipHop to Grime Barz, Freestyle and Cyphers!

As we bring it to the Real HipHop Culture …Every MC, Singer , Bboys and Bgirls most welcome!


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Location : Slur Bar, #28 St. 172, Phnom Penh

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International HipHop Culture


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