International Reggae Day

Phnom Penh Underground

International Reggae Day

  • Date: 30 - Jun - 2018
  • Time: 20:00
  • Style:Reggae!
  • Venue: Cloud
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If you know nothing else, you know the name Bob Marley, the 1980’s Reggae musician who brought amazing works to the world and shared the idea that three little birds will tell you that “every little thing gonna be all right!”

He had such a distinctive sound that it reached out and touched almost every aspect of the world. He wasn’t the only Reggae artist by a long shot, instead being the most popular and well known in a musical style with deep spiritual roots and an august history in Ska and rocksteady music.

International Reggae Day celebrates this Jamaican music style, and brings it to those unfortunates in the world who have yet to experience it.


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Location : Cloud, #35 street 9, Tonle Bassac,  Phnom Penh

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