Johnno’s Bday Bash

Phnom Penh Underground

Johnno’s Bday Bash

  • Date: 21 - Jan - 2017
  • Time: 21:00
  • Style:HipHop/Beats
  • Venue: NagaHouse. Kampot
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Cant wait for this epic event. We’re organising a huge night with

Special Guests – 12ME (French Rapper)
– Lisha (Khmer Independant MC)
And local legends – Mutespeaker and the return of DJ Kdam Elboixo!!!

my 31st birthday and Owen Kaagman‘s 31st from Twenty Three

12ME is a french rapper who has proven for over 15 years on stages around the world :
“… A Mc in the noblest sense. Presence at the microphone placement ATV’s and impeccable syllabic cutting … ” abcdr du son January 6, 2016 .
He just released his new album « Samai Thmey » in which you can hear him rapping in khmer with some of the best khmer rappers and singers.
He will perform some of his new songs for us at Naga’s house accompany by Lisha.

Jessica Srin aka MC Lisha, is a Khmer independent female rapper who undisputed mistress of Cambodia’s thriving hip-hop scene. Firing mercilessly tight verse in English, Khmer, Lao and Jarai, Lisha is a coveted partner in the local freestyle circuit. If her lyrics have militant tenor, it’s because she drops rhymes aimed to educate and empower Cambodia’s teens, especially women.
Out of the small handful of female MCs in Phnom Penh, Lisha has been a permanent fixture of the culture since the 90s. In spite of her longevity, this veteran emcee remained almost famously evasive from the eye of the international public.
Lisha has been featured on songs by many artists around the globe. Since 2002, she has been done lots of accomplishments arts and music forms in an attempt to further engage the youth with hip-hop powering message.


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Location : Naga House, Kampot

Johnno’s Bday Bash





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