Kingston Groovers

Phnom Penh Underground

Kingston Groovers

  • Date: 25 - May - 2018
  • Time: 22:00
  • Style:Reggae/Bass
  • Venue: Cheries Bar
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Welcome to Kingston Groovers @ Cherie’s Bar, for this event we will have a DJ Set from a young French Beatmaker called toke!

After ten years of piano in his small town of 650 inhabitants, toke became absorbed by music production when he moved to Lyon (FR) and get his first laptop.
His musical culture is completely shaken by his desire to travel,
and six months spent in Shanghai(CN) give him a slower style
and turned to sampling.
After coming back from China, he produced a sampling house EP with one his friend released on Carré Bleu Records
In the same time, he used to mix house & techno in the shelters of the old city.
Based in Phnom Penh in the last 2 years, he already produced 2 albums made from the biggest 60’s Cambodian classics.
You will understand, his music reflects first of all the diversity of his encounters.

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Location : Cheries Bar, 40 street 130, Phnom Penh 12200

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