Miss Blue

Phnom Penh Underground

Miss Blue

  • Date: 27 - May - 2017
  • Time: 21:00
  • Style:Bass
  • Venue: NagaHouse, Kampot
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Another Saturday Night at Naga House with a very Special Guest : DJ MISS BLUE ( http://dj-blue.fr/ // https://soundcloud.com/dj-miss-blue // Dj miss blue ) currently touring in SE Asia !
Free Entry, Happy Hour from 4 to 8 , Drink Special All Night and DJ from 9PM till Late !

Hailing from Rennes, in the Brittany region of North-West France, Miss Blue is the central artist in the modern day Breizh’n’Bass movement. A longstanding DJ and producer, Blue blends traditional Breton language music with upfront modern electronica, creating a soundworld which encourages listeners of differing ages and cultures to take a moment to understand different musical preferences and tastes. In the process, she’s carving a possible way forward for the preservation of the now marginalised Breton language and culture.

To affect this fresh soundworld, Blue draws elements from hip-hop, dancehall, jungle drum and bass, electro, breakbeat, dubstep and beyond, grounding her DJ sets and beat production in an ethos drawn from formative years spent as a B-girl and graffiti writer. In this sense, Hip-Hop’s fundamentally community oriented spirit, and ability to speak across cultures and languages in a musical manner is a key force in her creative impulses.

Since taking up the turntables and studio production consoles, Blue has performed at festivals and nightclubs across Europe, America, Canada and Asia, in the process playing alongside Diplo, DJ Zinc, Sinden, Sebastian, DJ Mujava, Brodinski and countless others.

In terms of affiliations, Blue is a member of international female DJ crew Geishaz and is sponsored by Kanabeach Clothing and Adidas. She also tutors students in the art of DJing in her spare time and has taken part in scratching workshops with DJ Q-Bert.

A new development in Blue’s career is her Breizh’n’Bass live show, which she performs via Ableton Live, in conjunction with musical and vocal assistance from top tier traditional Breton language musicians brothers Guichen and Eric Marchand and Yann Fanch Kemener. From this concept, Blue is working towards two albums, one incorporating traditional Breton language music into electronica and one of straight-up instrumental tunes.
(writter: Martyn Pepperell)

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Location : Naga House, Kampot

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