Pure AudioSexx

Phnom Penh Underground

Pure AudioSexx

  • Date: 07 - Oct - 2016
  • Time: 21:00
  • Style:Acid
  • Venue: MetaHouse
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Acid house was born with the Roland TB-303 in the 1980s, but is there more to it than just “the acid sound”? Many recognize acid house as a social movement and subcultural revolution; it could be argued that it’s a whole way of life, in the same way that hip hop and rock and roll are. As a genre, it’s been mined as a relic of the past and seen as a fad to be looked back on, mythologized and institutionalized. Now, with artists from Skrillex to SFV Acid, and from Gatekeeper to Funkineven, all using acid in their sound, is it still a powerful force to be reckoned with today?

Check out a comprehensive 4-hour-DJ-Set by DJ NICOMATIC, featuring the most innovative music from more than three decades, strobe lights and artificial fog. This is “pure audio-sex” – just as it was back in the dayz….

Special Guest: DJ SPECTRUM aka Richard S. (Kunming/China)


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Location : MetaHouse, 37 Sothearos Boulevard

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