Rom Bak

Phnom Penh Underground

Rom Bak

  • Date: 16 - Nov - 2013
  • Time: 21:00
  • Style:HipHop Battle
  • Venue: Slur Bar
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rom bak

Rom Bak is the first Hip Hop competition/show in Cambodia where local dancers can test their levels by competing with international dancers.

Rom Bak will take place on Saturday November 16th at Slur Bar, in the heart of Phnom Penh. Heaps of artistic performances will follow one another : breakdance, poppin’, rap and beatbox…

The main focus will be the « Battle » rounds, during which professional dancers and Hip Hop savvy will compete.

Rom Bak is foremost a time to gather people sharing the same passion. The event features free entrances so that everyone can take part in this initiative. Further than throwing artistic performances, we look forward to federate a strong Hip Hop community where everyone can step in regardless of their social background.


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More details on the project at:

Location : Slur Bar, #28 St. 172, Phnom Penh

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Rom Bak





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