Shadows of Space x Mobit

Phnom Penh Underground

Shadows of Space x Mobit

  • Date: 28 - Feb - 2020
  • Time: 21:00
  • Style:Techno
  • Venue: Party Patio Bar
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♠️ For the first time in the Party Patio, we are proud to invite Mobit. whose an international DJ from Berlin.
Born and raised in Berlin, mobit found his passion for electronic music and the scene in clubs like Sisyphos and Tresor. The idea of playing music himself came one night in a bar somewhere in Thailand. He watched two backpackers entering the bar and asking the barman “Hi there, can we play music here tonight?”. The barkeeper shrugged his shoulders and answered “yeah why not”. They set up a small controller plus laptop and started to play.
A few days later mobit´s own controller was on the way from Berlin to Bangkok. Inspired and highly motivated he travelled through South East Asia and took every opportunity to play in any bar, beach parties and festivals that crossed his way.
Back in Berlin he decided to ran own events and started promoting parties in smaller clubs. In 2019 he cofounded the event label Katzenjammer and played there as resident on many venues in and around Berlin.
Right now mobit is travelling again, his last gigs were in Bangkok and Melbourne.

♣️ Paired with Shadows of Space Member of NeuDroP Collective, who having played as various alter egos, shadows of space derives from a self-reflective process in which the central objective is to integrate the shadow within…
By exploring & setting the tone with deep, hypnotic, & seductive frequencies, shadows of space creates a space where one can dive deep into oneself with the help of Techno & House music.
He’s going to immerse you in his deep and bewitching universe!

This party is organized by the NeuDrop collective. Which highlights emerging musical styles.

From 9 PM till 1AM in the heart of Phnom Penh for a lovely intimate atmosphere.

See you’all there with your happy giggly smiles! Never forget to have fun 🌞


♠️ LINE UP ♣️

► MOBIT. (Berlin)



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Location : Party Patio Bar, #17, st. 308, Phnom Penh

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