Shake Shake Sakura

Phnom Penh Underground

Shake Shake Sakura

  • Date: 16 - Sep - 2017
  • Time: 15:30
  • Style:House/Funk
  • Venue: 60 Road Studio, Siem reap
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Shake Shake Sakura has teamed up with 60 Road Studios to bring you the first installment of our intermate parties!!!

It’s a gathering all about the music, where like minded folk come together to celebrate life in the tropics and the art forms in all their glory!!

We will work hard to bring you a variety of DJs, artists and performers from far and wide. We also we want to create an event to hopefully inspire some home grown talent too bless our parties in the future, we would love to see more colaborative projects and are always open as a platform for artists to share what they do. . . . . All you have to do Siem Reap is come to support and help our scene blossom.

** So for this party it is Shake Shake Sakura’s honour to present to you one of Miami’s finest:

DJ / Producer / Record Label Big Boss / Big Man /Big Heart

**Juan Mejia**

Coming on-route from Cocoon, Cafe Del Mar in Thailand, Juan is a legand and is making a detour to us before he hits up Singapore!!

There’s a bit of a story here . . . Juan has fallen in love with Cambodia and it’s never been a more exciting time for our growing scene to welcome the likes of him and we can begin to put our little town on the map for more that just temples.

A regular performer at the world famous Miami Winter Music Conference making a name for himself with his deep house label Dutchie Music and collborating with big names like Stan Kolev . . . Well we’re in for a treat!!

We will hold the space to indulge our guests DJs with the musical freedom to play across genres and play the records that inspired them and shaped their journey to where they are today.

**** Prior to this gig . . . I will be loose with a sound recorder at dawn soaking up the sounds of Cambodia, recording monk drums. ice cream carts and whatever else takes my fancy. Then we’re gonna spend a couple of days at 60 Road Studio to lay down a Cambodian inspired record, along with some local musicians our aim is to present something special to you, Siem Reap before it travels over the otherside of the world to bless the Miami folk with our Siem Reap sound!!

Come and be a part of the musical journey!

You’ll find his label here:

Connect with him on FB:

We will confirm ticket outlets on the 1st September.

Special Guests will be confirmed leading up to the event.

Can’t wait to bust some shapes with you on the dance floor!!! Perhaps bring your wellies for the ultimate festival experience!

Much Love and good vibes!!!

Viki aka DJ Sakura x x x

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Location : 60 Road Studio, somewhere in Siem Reap


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