Soul on Everything

Phnom Penh Underground

Soul on Everything

  • Date: 17 - Aug - 2019
  • Time: 22:00
  • Style:HipHop/RnB
  • Venue: One Love Reggae Bar
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A new monthly party in Phnom Penh where we’re putting SOUL ON EVERYTHING! Spanning Hip Hop, RnB, House, and Futurebass through the night, this party is about the influence of soulful music on modern genres and celebrating that spirit through dance and community. This night is about discovering music, not just hearing your personal classics. Come expand your selection, enjoy the open rooftop vibes, and get a drink while you’re at it. It’ll sound much better 😉

TL;DR get yo ass out and boogie damn it! Extra points for the people who bring a 2nd/3rd t-shirt or a dancer’s towel to wipe their sweat. PS wear deodorant, k thx

Chefs of the night serving the sauciest selections:
– Premo Sounds of the amazing Phnom Penh based HypeLab
@premosounds on all socials
– jordan parrello of Gudu Asia Pacific
@jordanparrello on all socials

FREE ENTRY before 11pm / $5 afterwards

What is The Sauce? The sauce…is the sauce. It’s about flavor, style, swagger, essence, that ooey-gooey, uniqueness, it’s about culture. Sauce is about courageousness in originality. We throw parties with music we want to hear and most importantly share with good peoples who love good music too.

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Location : The Rooftop, 7th Floor, One Love, 46-48 St 172, Phnom Penh

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