Techno GlobeTrotters

Phnom Penh Underground

Techno GlobeTrotters

  • Date: 05 - Nov - 2016
  • Time: 21:00
  • Style:Acid/Techno
  • Venue: MetaHouse
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We invite you for a TECHNO AND ACID HOUSE PARTY, featuring DJ Ray Castle & DJ Antaro (Germany). Ray describes his style of music as “fat bass booty banging rib shaking”, Bring it on!

RAY CASTLE is a DJ, musician, composer, producer and performer. In the early 70s he played harmonica in blues rock bands, and promoted and organised gigs for new wave/punk bands in the late 70s. He started DJing in the late 70s which was the era of Funk, Ska and Industrial Rock. Later, in ’87, he became one of the influential, original DJs of the Goa party scene in India. This was followed by numerous recorded releases and collaborations. He introduced the outdoor dance party concept to Japan in the late 80s and early 90s with the festival organization “Equinox”. He was one of the seminal instigators of the Australian trance party scene in the early 90s, ‘Trance-Elements’, ‘Happy Valley’, ‘Psyharmonics’, early ‘Earthcore’ and Byron Bay ‘Beyond The Brain’ events.

Beginning his legendary DJ career during the early days of acid house and new beat in the late 1980’s, German DJ ANTARO brought about and witnessed the introduction of electronic dance music on the pristine beaches of Goa, India. Today Antaro remains one of the handful of active artists who are an integral part of the trance movement from its collective grassroots inception. He’s widely known as open-air-party organizer (“Voov Experience”) and “Spirit Zone” label founder. With over 180 releases to date, including over 80 artist albums and 40 compilations, DJ Antaro’s guidance and foresight has ensured many upcoming musical talents unprecedented exposure, most of whom became shooting stars of the global trance underground following their debut releases on “Spirit Zone”.

Please be our guests for this SOUND EXTRAVAGANZA @ META HOUSE..


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Location : MetaHouse, 37 Sothearos Boulevard

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