Time 2 Bass

Phnom Penh Underground

Time 2 Bass

  • Date: 28 - Mar - 2017
  • Time: 22:00
  • Style:Ragga/Jungle/DnB
  • Venue: Last Hippie Standing, Otres Beach
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Sound Group “TORTUGA” brings you EVERY TUESDAY the best of Jungle, Drum n’ Bass, Dubstep dubs and Hip-Hop.

Same place, same time: Kingdom of Cambodia, Sihanoukville, Otres-1 beach, Otres Corner Bar, 10PM -7AM


DJ Traword ru
DJ Dani au
DJ Octopu1se ru
DJ Haitch gb
DJ Chipmunk 🇺🇦🐿

Security & Parking
24hr Tuk-Tuk Service
Midnight Fire-Show & UV Paints
Go-Go Dancers & Bartenders-Show
Lounge area / Fireplace / Dancefloor
Psy-Shop & Souvenirs
Free Entry

Come early to get magical treats
Stay til sunrise to see the beauty of nature unfold before your eyes

Where the light is replaced by darkness, open the gates to another world. Crazy writer recreated the world and made the journey to the other side of life. 7 centuries his book kept the story of this unprecedented journey.But there will come that hour when the gates will open, the elder Khoron on the river of death will take you to limbo, here begins the path to hell. Only one who goes through 7 circles of hell and look into the eyes of someone whose name you cannot pronounce and will go to purgatory and climb on the hill leading to the place that they called Tortuga.

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Location : Otres Corner Last Hippie Standing, Otres #1 Beach, Sihanoukville


Time 2 Bass




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