Female DJs taking the underground over

Phnom Penh Underground

Female DJs taking the underground over


If you haven’t read it already, check out this great AsiaLife article about the rise of the underground scene and 2 very talented members of the Phnom Penh Underground family in particular…

DJs Mercy and JavaTech symbolise all that’s fresh and exciting about our movement – as JavaTech says in the feature:

““Phnom Penh is an interesting phenomenon. In the whole time I was in Berlin, I went to many DJ parties and festivals, and during the 18 months only saw three female DJs. More exist but they’re massively under-represented,” she says. “However, there seems to be several prominent female DJs here; definitely more than you’d expect. It’s still male dominated but it’s encouraging to see more women coming forward.”

Expect to hear a lot more from them in the future, alongside rising names like Sequence, TonleDub and many more…

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Female DJs taking the underground over