Moudy blesses us with a brand new mix!

Phnom Penh Underground

Moudy blesses us with a brand new mix!

The current crazy situation that we find ourselves at the moment has had massive consequences over the world. One result is that many of the key players in our little Phnom Penh scene find themselves scattered over the globe.

Currently our good friend MOUDY is around 8,000km away in The Lebanon – far away geographically, but close in our hearts.

He’s very kindly supplied us with a mix – aptly entitled “Chasing a mirage”, it reflects the confusion we all find ourselves in this unprecedented time for our planet.

Musically, its classic MOUDY – subtly melancholic, but always uplifting with tribal beats that summoned up visions (for us) of Bedouin travelling through the desert – searching for some kind of truth in the wilderness.

Thank you to MOUDY for the awesome mix – we hope to see you back at the controls in Phnom Penh very soon!