Tech-Penh 6 video now up

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Tech-Penh 6 video now up

Collages2Last weekend’s Tech-Penh 6 was a blast!

DJs Mercy, Tonle Dub and Alan Ritchie rocked the place with some pure underground beats despite the adverse weather conditions (in reality a total monsoon!)

As Mercy says

“I had absolutely NO IDEA there was a storm on Saturday night…only found out after we set out from Meta house to go home. SO THIS THANK YOU MESSAGE from DJ Tonle Dub, Myself and Alan Ritchie IS SO HEARTFELT I DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT WORDS…THANK YOU FOR SHOWING UP AT TECH-PENH 6 IN YOUR NUMBERS AND MAKING IT ANOTHER MASSIVELY EUPHORIC PARTY!!! “

Check out the video of the nights shenanigans here


Tech-Penh 6 video now up