The Phnom Penh Underground Club Guide is back!

Phnom Penh Underground

The Phnom Penh Underground Club Guide is back!

The Phnom Penh Underground Club Guide has taken a break for a year or so for 2 basic reasons:

  1. There were very few events because of the worldwide pandemic and totally correct government restrictions in Cambodia.
  2. For the events there were, it didn’t really feel appropriate to be listing them – it seemed like 2020 was more a year to keep safe then party.

It’s been a fallow year for the Cambodian Club Scene – just like it has been all over the world. A case in point was our own CUBIK▸▸ night. Normally running monthly, we only had 1 event in 2020 after the COVID crisis kicked it – a contrast to the high point we were at in February 2020, when our massive Nakadia event smashed all records with around 700 people dancing to a real “international DJ”.

However, although the situation is still very serious worldwide, here in Cambodia, we have been spared the madness of Europe and the USA. Cambodia currently has one of the lowest case rates in the world, thanks to strict entry controls and an excellent containment policy by Cambodia.

Of course this has deprived us of the travellers who usually make up a large part of the clubbing audience – but we now find ourselves in an almost unique situation in the world where we can have a limited amount of club nights – as long as we do it safely and responsibly.

As always, we must be vigilant, and not abuse these freedoms. If the authorities say that the parties must stop, then it is our duty to strictly obey these regulations.

But for the moment, we have taken the decision to restart the club guide (and restart  CUBIK▸▸ on  a regular monthly basis)

Even though there are fewer events than in the past at the moment, lets enjoy what we have, stay safe and fall in love again with the music!

As always, we support the scene in Phnom Penh and Cambodia by listing events, posting mixes and a myriad of other things. We do this, as we always have, without bias or prejudice.

Our Phnom Penh Club Guide is here and don’t forget CUBIK▸▸ KEEP THE FAITH on the 5th of March (details very soon!) – our 20th CUBIK▸▸ is going to be a very special night!