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Phnom Penh Underground


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Phnom Penh Underground on Mixcloud

Our SoundCloud account is rapidly reaching 20,000 listens – which isn’t bad for one of the smallest clubbing scenes in the world…

We’ve generally been really happy with SoundCloud, but recently they’ve been a lot more draconian with taking down some of our mixes due to so called copyright infringement.

There are also rumours that they’ll be inserting ads into the music, which is a Bad Thing. We already pay around $100 a year for SoundCloud, so we’re not too happy with this

With that in mind, we’ve also opened up a Mixcloud account, which we’ll be running in tandem with the SoundCloud account while we see what happens…

So, for the near future both Soundcloud and MixCloud will be featuring our 95 and counting mixes…look out for a very special mix for number 100!

Phnom Penh Underground on Mixcloud