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Exclusive Interview with EDM Cambodia

For many in Europe and America, EDM has become a dirty word synonymous with the worst in cakethrowing, throwaway commercial dance music. In Cambodia though, a young collective of Khmer DJs and Promoters are using EDM as a gateway to introduce their audience to something entirely different… Even though the[…]

Phnom Penh Connection @ Lille, France

Phnom Penh came to Lille on the 9th of January for a very special night at L’Aeronef. Dub Addiction, KlapYaHandz, DJ Sequence and DJ Bree rocked a capacity crowd and brought a little bit of the Charming City to cold old Europe!

Phnom Penh Underground 2nd Birthday venue and lineup announced

It’s been a secret known only to a select few but, without further ado, we are extremley excited to announce details of our 2nd Birthday Party. It promises to be an absoloute smasher – an open air street party to be held at the amazing surrounding of The Courtyard, Simone[…]

Phnom Penh goes to France!

The Phnom Penh and Cambodia underground scene is exploding at the moment! We’ve just got news of an awesome event that will be happening at the prestigious L’Aeronef venue in Lille, Northern France on the 9th of January 2016 Cambodia’s number one band, Dub Addiction, Khmer HipHop collective KlapYaHandz and[…]

Phnom Penh Underground on Mixcloud

Our SoundCloud account is rapidly reaching 20,000 listens – which isn’t bad for one of the smallest clubbing scenes in the world… We’ve generally been really happy with SoundCloud, but recently they’ve been a lot more draconian with taking down some of our mixes due to so called copyright infringement.[…]

What’s happening to Phnom Penh’s clubs?

This weekend bought sad news of yet another late night club closing in Phnom Penh. The latest victim is Nomad on St172 which is having to change to a “lounge” format due to “building noise regulations” imposed by their new landlords, which mean they are not allowed to play loud[…]

The Wave Festival is coming to Sihanoukville!

“The Wave Festival is a unique event that aims to bring together Cambodians, Expats and Tourists in a 5 day celebration of Live Music, Dance and Culture, while respecting Khmer traditions and culture. We”ll be showcasing the very best of home-grown talent, such as Rakky-Z, Snow Y and Kakada Jay[…]