Save the Show Box

Phnom Penh Underground

Save the Show Box

819614_1385464381.7035Show Box on St330 is a pivotal part of the underground scene in Phnom Penh.

Over the past year, they’ve hosted club nights, poetry readings, concerts from the emerging Khmer metal scene, discussion evenings and a wealth of other activities.

Right now though, Myles and the crew are facing the situation that they might not be able to continue beyond December the 10th, due to loss of income because they can’t host late night events.

This unfortunate situation has come because of complaints from neighbours over noise levels – ultimately, the SB crew will have to find a proper long term solution to this issue but, in the short term, they are facing the very real prospect of imminent closure in the next couple of weeks.

Its time to put your money where your mouth is – if you’ve enjoyed one of the many underground events at the Show Box, please support them via the link below – otherwise we lose one of the great venues that makes Phnom Penh so unique.

We’ve started the ball rolling with a small donation and will be looking for other ways to support SB so why not forgo your next beer or tuk tuk ride and put it instead to trying to preserve a real Phnom Penh institution.

Save the Show Box